Fixing Geometry of CAD-generated Models


WHAT is GeomFix?

GeomFix is a toolbox for fixing geometry of CAD-generated models


  • Quick and reliable transformation of existing
    CAD-generated models into models suitable for
    • Engineering Analysis and Computations
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Medical Imaging Applications
    • Electromagnetic Computations
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Construction of new models with use of
    existing surfaces and geometric primitives
  • interactive user environment
  • clever tools
  • simultaneous display of
    • the whole model
    • parts selected by the user
  • easy and intuitive system for managing
    the hierarchy tree associated with
    a multi-part model
  • collection of well-defined processes for
    handling particular geometry problems
  • robust translators enabling Import and
    Export in various formats
  • modeling tools for building new models
  • extensive on-line help


WHAT can you do with GeomFix?
  • visualize and analyze the entire model or selected parts
  • re-arrange parts
  • remove irrelevant parts
  • perform translation
  • perform scaling
  • build symmetric images of existing surfaces
  • build surfaces defined by analytical expressions
  • construct new models
  • join parts with identical boundaries
  • stitch together parts with boundaries that do not match
  • slice surface by planes
  • cut out the interior of a closed curve
  • extend surfaces
  • trim surfaces
  • cut surface along a curve
  • fill cracks, gaps, and openings
  • perform global repair functions:
      Correction of Orientation
      Removal of duplicate vertices/facets
      Removal of degenerate facets
      Removal of isolated vertices
  • perform delicate corrections:
      adding or removing facets
      relocating a vertex
  • resolve T-junctions
  • decimate mesh
  • identify triplets and folds
  • identify and split physically disjoint surfaces
  • identify surface boundaries
  • and more...


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