Computing Antenna Radiation Patterns
on Realistic CAD-generated Aircraft Models



  Based on user's choice of the

    • aircraft
    • antenna
    • antenna placement
    • antenna characterictics
    • pattern cuts
  • builds propagation paths from radiating
    source to given observation points in
  • classifies diffraction mechanisms and
    computes all geometric characteristics
    required for EM analysis
  • computes and integrates field contributions
    by different diffraction mechanisms
  • displays computed results graphically


WHAT does DOVA do?

  • DOVA system utilizes high-frequency and differential geometric techniques to compute radiation patterns of platform-mounted antennas.
  • Realistic CAD-generated models are used in computations


  • high efficiency computer simulation reduces cost of experimentation in search of the most effective operational environment
  • faithful CAD representation of the platform geometry results in higher accuracy of computed results
  • different types of antennas can be analyzed
  • user-interactive antenna repositioning and dynamic modeling are supported, thereby allowing to play ``what-if'' scenarios with visual feedback


  • real-time performance
  • interactive environment with user-friendly interface
  • powerful visualization components that allow
    • to view and manipulate 3-D models and computed propagation paths
    • to view antenna radiation patterns in Cartesian and Polar coordinates.
  • extensive on-line help


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tel: 404 248 9821